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Pregnancy Specialist

Arizona Women's Health Partners

OB-GYNs located in Mesa, AZ

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and challenging times in a woman’s life. Thomas Bickley, DO, and Eericca Bickley, DO, of Arizona Women’s Health Partners are proud to provide pregnancy care to women in Mesa, AZ and serving Gilbert, AZ. Patients who are pregnant and interested in making an appointment with Dr. Thomas or Dr. Eericca should contact the office today.

Pregnancy Q&A

Why is prenatal care necessary?

Prenatal care is important for every pregnant woman to ensure that the mother and the baby are as healthy as possible throughout the pregnancy. Prenatal care also gives the mother a chance to ask questions about the pregnancy or express any concerns she may have.

When a woman attends regular prenatal care appointments, the doctor is able to monitor her health and the baby’s progress. This monitoring can uncover potential problems, such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes, before they become too serious.

What happens during prenatal appointments?

During each prenatal appointment, a member of the staff at Arizona Women’s Health Partners takes the mother’s:

  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • Heart rate

The mother will also step onto a scale to check for weight gain. In addition, the mother may be asked to provide a urine sample to check for any abnormalities in the urine.

After the patient has checked in, Dr. Thomas or Dr. Eericca will examine the patient and ask questions about the pregnancy. Depending on the stage of the pregnancy, this exam may include:

  • An evaluation of the cervix
  • Measurement of the size of the uterus
  • Listening to the baby’s heartbeat

Patients will also receive ultrasounds at certain points during the pregnancy.

What is the purpose of ultrasounds?

The purpose of an ultrasound is to evaluate the baby’s development. In some cases, ultrasounds may also be used to date the pregnancy or monitor specific abnormalities, such as low amniotic fluid levels.

How often are prenatal appointments necessary?

The frequency of prenatal appointments will change throughout the pregnancy. At the beginning of the pregnancy, most women won’t need to see Dr. Thomas or Dr. Eericca as often as they will later in the pregnancy. At the end of the pregnancy, mothers may need several appointments each week until the baby is born. The doctors can provide patients with a recommended appointment schedule at their first visit.

Women with certain high-risk conditions, such as advanced maternal age or gestational diabetes, may need to see the doctor more frequently even earlier in the pregnancy. Dr Thomas or Dr. Eericca will inform patients if they have a condition that warrants more intensive monitoring.


*We accept the majority of health insurance plans. Please call our office if you do not see yours listed or have any other questions. Please note to check with your insurance or call the office to make certain that we are on your specific insurance plan as they are constantly changing.*

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